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DATE:    Different times


LOCATION:   Geneva Alabama, Geneva County

TERRAIN:      Wooded

OBSERVED:  I had been hunting for squirrels for two days and been really nervous the whole time.  I noticed that a place that usually has a bunch of squirrels had none and there wasn't any deer tracks, but a very large cat track (or something).

Me and two other friends decided to camp out in an old empty lot.  My Grandad left to get some food in town.  We were sitting on the truck and had been there one hour.  My friend said he saw a bobcat looking at him from the woods about 100 yards away.  I got the two 22's and the two shotguns and the pistol and sat them on the hood of our truck.  He then saw something that was about 3 to 4 feet, shoulder high, walking on all fours about 50 feet in front of me.  Now I have been close to coyotes and never been scared but my hair on my neck was standing up and I couldn't get the gun out of its holster.

We then got into the truck and flew to the house and told Papa.  He said it was probably our imagination.  (I should have mentioned we are all 15).  We went back and drove through the lot and drove down a road and ran and got Josh's Australian Shepherd, a ninja sword and a machete.  When we were running down the road with my spotlight we startled a lady driving and made her mad.  She came back but I told her we had something after us and she said that her husband had seen something in the road a few days back.  When we pulled back into the lot, there was something big and black standing on my hunting bucket.  It had crushed it in and the styrofoam was strown everywhere.  We slid to a stop but couldn't get a shot off.  I then tried to do a doughnut in the truck but hit a guidewire on a powerpole and couldn't get loose so we loaded up the guns and did military runs, singing and yelling and occasionally shooting in the air to make sure it wasn't coming back.

Later, my Papa came and we told him what we saw.  He took us back to the house, but on the way I drug my feet on the ground on the way back.  That night, about 2 hours later, we heard a thing growling and walking around the house we fell asleep in and then the next morning when we woke and headed to the lot, we saw big cat tracks in the tracks from the day before.  When we got to the trcuk, we started looking for clues and we found a tree that was standing up laying on the fence with big scratch marks on it.

Later on we were sitting on the tailgate and we saw it sitting on the ground across the lot looking at us.  By then we were getting mad and went after it.  We got back into the woods and saw a milk jug sitting in the middle of nowhere.  I decided to take a shot at it but when I looked through the scope, I saw a long tail curling.  I took a shot and saw a drop of blood, but that's it.  And we ain't seen it again, but I'm still hunting for it and would like to kill it as nothing is going to be on my land that is going to chase me.  I guess I should have mentioned that a few days before that my friends horses had been run through the fence and killed.  They also ran his thoroughbred mare around and he said it was black and big.  I am a deer hunter and I estimate its weight to be about 250 or maybe even 300 pounds.  I think its heighth is 3 to 4 foot and length to be about 4 1/2 to 6 foot long.  Also, the deer season preceding this, my friend said he heard a scream and the fox that was in the field growled and ran into the woods and started fighting something.  That next morning, he went back and saw the fox ripped to pieces.  I have no clue what it is but the game wardens said that it couldn't be a panther.  Does anyone have any suggestions.  (contact GCBRO for mailing address for this person if you have any idea what kind of cat this could be.)




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