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DATE:  November 1957

TIME:9:00 P.M.

LOCATION:   Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

TERRAIN:Woods with nearby river

OBSERVED:Three friends and I had been to a movie and dinner and were riding around talking. As we crossed the Tangipahoa River bridge and was approaching the small bridge immediately after, we all saw someone walking up out of the ditch on the  passenger side of the car. The height of this person made me think "GIANT". We drove to the next available spot in order to turn around and go back and when we returned this person was still standing on the side of the road. We angled our car to make full use of the headlights and stopped in the road. This guy had to have been every bit of 7 1/2 feet tall and was pretty hefty, I'd say around 325 pounds. He appeared to be wearing a pair of pants and shirt that was very dark (bluish) in color and very tattered. We didn't notice if he wore any shoes. The most horrifying feature was the shape of his nose, which resembled a snout, and instead of having two eyes, there was only one located off-center of his forehead. After a minute or two this guy turned and walked back down the incline into the woods and we sped away. When we reached the nearest town we went to the police and reported our sighting but were only scoffed away. My three friends and I have often discussed this night and our only conclusion is that it was a malformed person that had been kept locked up somewhere that had escaped. All four of us lived no more that 5 miles of this sighting and have never heard anyone else talk about it.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):  Riding and talking after a movie and dinner

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:   He resembled a giant because of his height/weight. His nose/snout was long and extended about 6 inches from his face. He only had one eye which was off-centered to the left of his forehead.

OTHER NOTES:   It was a clear, cold night



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