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DATE:    06/24/98

TIME:     Afternoon

LOCATION:   Backwater of La Crescent Lock and Dam, Mississippi

TERRAIN:       Swampy

Well I live up North and was visiting (MS)  And while we were fishing in a backwater on the northwest edge of an island called french island. I think this will qualify for your weird stuff category. well i was fishing with my buddies that live in the area and we were back at their house but i decided to do a little bit of dock fishing, what I saw swim by confused me more than anything. it was maybe about 6 inches long (water could refract the size) and about a few inches below the water. It was see through but had a whitish tint to it. it looked something like you'd see in the black area of the ocean. it had two tentacle like legs that moved back and forth and right above it had a little sail that seemed to pish it along in the water. I saw no eyes and a mouth that was fully open with lots of little needle teeth. if someone knows if this is an actual species I'd like them to email me cause I am absolutely clueless.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES: I was fishing on a dock in a baxkwater of the mississippi

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:   Kinda squidy in a way. looked like something out of the bottom of the ocean. Kinda a sickening whitish color and you could see through most of it. it had to little steadily waving legs and a little flap that went around its body proppelling it by its constant movement. It had no eyes and an open mouth on the top with lots of little whitish needle teeth. you could see its small organs inside of its body. Kinda grossed me out.



This information was sent in by Kisal.  Perhaps this is what the creature is?

"Weird Reports" there was something about a strange "fish." I think the
guy MAY have seen a type of freshwater flatworm called
"turbellaria"--there are several different kinds. They are free
swimming, carnivorous and range from microscopic to several mm in
length. They swim by stroking cilia located on their bodies, which could
give the impression of a "sail." In fact the name "turbellaria" refers
to the turbulence they create in the water when swimming. Some have
symbiotic algae living in their bodirs, which gives them a green cast,
but the majority are a clear whitish color that allows the interfnal
organs to be visible.. Some also have two trailing appendages (sorry, I
forget what they're called) that might be mistaken for legs. Of course,
not having seen the creature myself, I can only offer my best guess.

Report submitted by Mary Green

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