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DATE:   ?????

TIME:    Before  10:00 am

LOCATION:   Johnson County, Kentuckey

TERRAIN:     Wooded

OBSERVED:   I was playing on the side of a hill as a child. When a rather large black cat that was only compairable to a panther. It was about 3.5 feet tall at the back and extremely musculer in nearly ever aspect. It walked towards me in a slow stalking motion. I was around 6 and pretty niave so i tried to pet it. My Grandma realizing the threat brought me into the house and left to get a .38.  As she was getting the gun i decided to kill the beast with my m1carbin toy replica. The cat walked towards me slowly as if it knew something i didn't. My grandma pulled me back into the house as i was taking aim. We watched it watching us through the sliding glass window for nearly an half an hour. When my grandma went to use the bathroom I grabbed my handy toy golf club and went once again to kill the cat. My Grandma pulled me in the house once again. After this my grandma figured if i watched tv it would my mind off of the cat and it did.

Several years later on a vacation with my family i was told the 2 or 3 different stories of a large black cat called white thing that attracted young children and women by making a noise like a crying baby. Altough it didn't make any noise around me i am sure that i had a brief encounter with a Eastern Kentucky crypto animal.

It seemed to have targeted me instead of my grandmother in the yard and walked towards me paying no attention to her.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES: My grandma was smoking on a pic table and I was playing on the side of a hill

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:   A large black cat slightly bigger than a female lion. measuring 3.5 feet or slightly higher in height at mid back. It was extremly musculer in nearly all aspects and walked in a stalking motion. There is several stories i heard about the white thing stretching back around a hundred years that I heard about after the sighting.



Report submitted by Mary Green

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