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DATE:     Late 60s/early 70s

TIME:        Night time

LOCATION:    Vernon, Texas, Highway 287

TERRAIN:        Residential Area

OBSERVED:   Since being in knowledge of the fairly new motion picture entitled: Brotherhood Of The Wolf @ and remembering what happened to my brother and the occurences before and after,I have come to believe that werewolves do
exist! The movie noted above relates incidents involving a "wolf-like" creature that terrorized
France back in the 1700s.

Now,my story: I am now 53 years old and my brother is 51. Both of us remember and neither one of us will ever forget. We were just kids and our mother, now deceased, had always told us not to stay out so late at night. Of course we didn't listen. Young hot kids trying to be grown. I grew up in a place called Vernon,Texas and what I am about to tell you is where these events took place. I and not just a few other people I grew up with talked about going out at night and having the feeling of being watched! It was always a creepy, eerie feeling that was always there and never went away.

The years were late 60s/early 70s. This little town of about 12-14,000 people was spooky, and our part of town was dark, with very little lighting. Back then dogs ran loose at night. All kinds and all sizes! A next door neighbor had a dog named Rex. A big, powerful dog that ran loose at night too. I remember so very well, many, many times of walking home at night and whistling for Rex. He would come get me, take my hand in his mouth and lead me up to my doorstep. He would not let me go until I was safely on my doorstep. Was he protecting me from something? I think he was.

No matter how hard I tried to take my hand from his mouth, I couldn't. He would have nothing of it. He was a big, powerful, strong dog. We found him dead one morning with his throat torn out, as we did with my grandmother's dog, Butch! Something was going around the neighborhood at night killing dogs!

This "something" tried to get in our house one night! It happened thusly: I came home late one night, followed a little while by my brother, Bobby. We settled down for the night in separate rooms.  It was only a few minutes when he jumped out of bed hollering, yelling, screaming that some big "thing" that growled, snarled, like a big bear or lion was trying to get in his window at him! Dad and I {the whole house actually) woke up. I remember loading my .22 rifle and putting it by my bed. I have no idea of what dad did. The next day we were all talking about it outside within earshot of a next door neighbor.

Someone had made the statement that "oh, he was just dreaming". No, no, no said our neighbor. She heard this thing too and it was indeed in back of our house with a whole lot of dogs after it. I and a few others walked the streets at night with our dogs and our guns but we never saw or heard anything, but that feeling of being watched always remained. My brother would not go back in that back bedroom for a long, long, long time. Nor would he let night catch him from that
house, if he did he would trick someone in walking home with him. What was that creature that tried to get in that window on my brother? A werewolf? There is no doubt in my mind that these creatures, or creatures similar to a werewolf do exist.


DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  Creature was never seen, only heard!



Report Submitted by Mary Green

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