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DATE:   Between 1976-1978

TIME:     P.M.

LOCATION:     Savannah, Georgia,   Hunter Army Airfield

TERRAIN:  Wooded

OBSERVED:  This one happened in Savannah, Georgia between 1976-1978, when I was stationed at Hunter Army Airfield. I remember quite well because 1978 is when I started my five-year stint in Mannheim, Germany! One morning (early, around 6 A.M), I was sitting in the mess hall when a friend of mine by the name of Joseph xxxxxx came in looking all worn out, ragged, tired, sleepy.

"Damn Joe, what's wrong man, what happened to you"?

"Oh man Gary, I had a rough night, something tried to get in my trailer".


"Yeah man, something big, something huge".

He told me that he could hear this thing breathing outside his trailer and walking up and down the length of the trailer. I think he said that this thing actually shook his trailer and/or the back door.  He told me that he kept asking who it was but got no answer. He said he had a gun but was afraid to shoot through the trailer in case it was only someone playing a joke. This thing stayed with Joe out there for most of the night. And looking back on things that night, Joe told me that he had noticed that when he got home that evening, it was still early, but most of the park seemed to have gone to bed, most of the lights were out, and the dogs were crying as if they were afraid of something! If anyone has ever heard a dog cry with fear or dread, then they'll know what I'm talking about.

One day here in Petersburg, Virginia I happened to be passing by a Vet's office when I heard the dogs crying inside. A storm was approaching, they knew it, and they were afraid. What was it that came to Joe's trailer that night? A werewolf or something akin to a werewolf!?





Report Submitted by Mary Green

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