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DATE:    07/20/76

TIME:      Around Noon

LOCATION:   Okanogan Valley, British Columbia.  Highway that goes between Vernon and Penticton, British Columbia

TERRAIN:   None Given

OBSERVED:      The highway from Vernon to Penticton runs parallel to Okanogan Lake. The highway is half way up the mountain so you look down on the  lake.  Okanogan Lake is a long narrow lake.  I hadn't heard about the legend of Ogo Pogo at the time.  Myself and four buddies were
on a bike trip from Ontario on our holidays.  I was lagging behind checking out the gorgeous scenery.  I was going about 40 to 50 miles per hour.  As I was checking out the lake I noticed this v shape in the water as if a boat was making it.  It seemed as if it was traveling along with me at the same rate of speed.  But there was no boat or anything on top of the water, just the v shape traveling along with me.  It was moving along with me for a good five miles.  Well my buddies stopped at a road side pull over where tourists can stop and look at the lake.  When I pulled in I started to tell them about this v shape that I seen and one of the guys told me to come over to read this plaque.

Well on that plaque was the legend of Ogo Pogo.  I hadn't heard about the legend of Ogo Pogo before this.  Ok ok I guess I can't exactly say that I saw Ogo Pogo.  But what could have been traveling at 40 to 50 miles an hour just under the surface of the water to make that v shape that I seen.  I think Ogo Pogo was just funning with me; going the same direction and speed.  My buddies didn't believe me.

Another buddy that I used to bear hunt with moved out to Penticton.  He lived there for a couple of years.  When he moved back to Ontario he told me that he seen Ogo Pogo surface out of
the water.  Apparently the locals catch site of Ogo Pogo quite often.  The natives have had the legend of Ogo Pogo since before the white man came there.

Activities of Witness:  Traveling down the highway on my motorcycle.  Looking down on Okanogan Lake.

Description of Creature:      N/A

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