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DATE:    June 15,2003

TIME:     About 7.30 pm

LOCATION:   Carroll County, Georgia

TERRAIN:    Old grown pasture

OBSERVED:    I laughed when my sister told me she saw a black panther on night taking down a young adult deer. but I drove to my fathers on sunday (Carroll Co). when I was leaving I decided to walk in the back pasture. He kept cows some 6 years ago. the weeds were high and I came across a noise about 15-25 feet away. I walked over. It was a black panther. Like what you see in the jungle or on  animal planet . it was hurt and bleeding, and pissed. I could tell it was scared of me. I slowly backed up and got my father. I thought he would not believe me, but he said "old man up the road ran over  one a few years ago, they had it on display up at the old country store". I was shocked and  could not believe Georgia had these. I thought we had coyotes and maybe mountain Lions. MY dad did not want me going out to look at it but I did anyway. I took some water and lunch look very unhealthy and skinny. it was in no way in shape to harm me. I slide the bowl to its mouth and see drank, and would not eat the meat. My dad checked the morning and said she was gone. said it looked as if the coyotes dragged it off, or maybe it moved itself

Activities of Witness:   Walking in the back pasture.

Description of Creature:  large, black panther, just like you would see in the jungle

Other Notes:    I called an old cop friend in Douglas co, he said years ago a bunch of large cats escaped from a testing site or he thinks they were kept as pets. He is an old man and could not remember any details.

Additional Notes or Comments My sister was right, and she lives in whitesburg GA only about 20 minutes away from my father.

Upon contacting the witness on June 16, 2003 they added this bit of information:

I am going tonight to drop some bait and try to get a pic...

I talked to my aunt whom lives near my dad, and she said about 2 years ago she saw a "large dog sized cat" take off with her dog. I had no idea all this was going on in GA...

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