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DATE:    11/01/00

TIME:     4:00 pm Est.

LOCATION:   Cherokee County, Alabama

TERRAIN:    Mountains

OBSERVED:    A large black cat (black, not gray, although could have been VERY dark gray, hard to tell).  Cat was at least as big as a full grown Rottweiler, if not around 15lbs heavier.  It was sitting atop a little mound of dirt when we walked up on it.  It growled at us, but made no attempt to attack us.  We didn't hang around too long either way.

Activities of Witness:   Friend and I had been 4 wheeling the previous day.  I had dropped a pillow I use to sit on the 4 wheeler, so we went back to look for it the following afternoon.  The mountain can be gotten up 1/2 way by 4 wheeler, but after that there are steep hills followed by patches of flat ground, so we were walking.  We topped a hill and came to a flat piece of land, and this is where we seen the cat.  We then ran like hell back to the ATV and left.

Description of Creature:  N/A

Other Notes:    2 other friends who live at the foot of this mountain told me in 2000 that they had also seen a black panther on a couple of occasions while hunting/hiking.  This is a VERY rural area, so we never thought anything about it, just the usual wildlife.  Although we were truly impressed by the cat's size,  bobcats are common in the area, but they look like dwarves when compared to the black cat we saw.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness added to this report.  By the way, I read some other reports about big, "hairy" type cats.  This cat I seen was not "hairy" exactly, it was really sleek looking.

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