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DATE:    1970-2004

TIME:     Evening

LOCATION:   Covington County, Alabama

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    First let me say I know the Alabama game and fish dept. says there are no panthers in Alabama!  But I know lots of people who say other wise. Most of which have no reason to tell a lie!! The first time I heard one was in the mid 70's. We where in the front yard well after dark. my father and a friend were working on a tractor tire under the night light in the yard and we heard what sounded like a women scream at the top of her lungs.  It sent chills right up my back and sent my brother running for cover (me too!)

After that I heard a few stories off and on. Then in the late 80's , 84-85, I was at a church singing on a
saturday night and the pastors kids new little puppy was raising a big fuss at one of the back doors close to the bathrooms (inside) so I went to check on him.  When I opened the door there it was about 50-60 yards away a long black panther, it was just walking under a night light.  I watched it for a minute and then ran to another door witch was only about 20-30 yards away.  It was about 5 to 6 feet long about 3.5 feet tall and had a long shiny black tail. It never even looked my way or bothered the dog. This took place in the late spring early summer.

The next year  I saw the same cat in the same spot and same time of year.  My father said he too saw a panther in this same spot the next year. Now just a few months ago, the last day deer season my sister-in-law saw a large black cat in the field in front of their house which is next door to the same church I saw the big cat.

Activities of Witness:   First time just playing with my brother and sitting in church

Description of Creature:  Any where between 5 and 6 ft. long and about 3.5 ft. tall slick, dark black coat. Cat did not seem to be in any hurry any of my sightings

Other Notes:    I did see one more back 1986 during deer season. The dogs were running what I thought was a deer but when they got close to the road a very large Slick black cat came out of the woods and crossed the road about 75 yards in front of me.

My mother who drives a school bus told me that about a month ago see saw a large panther with one or two cubs with it.  They just crossed the road in front of her bus.  I believe this was late in the day after
3 p.m.

I know there are people that say these things are not here, but they are and alot more than one or two. Thank god no one has ever been hurt, that I know of.  But never the less they are here and have been for long time.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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