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DATE:    November 22, 1964

TIME:     Noon

LOCATION:   Hardin County, Texas

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    This unusual sighting occurred when i was about 15 years of age. i was on thanksgiving break from school, out snake hunting along pine island bayou in a subdivision where we lived at the time called xxxxx estates. i was armed with my fathers .22 caliber bolt action rifle. the subdivision is located in what is now the southern rim of the big thicket national park and is heavily wooded, very heavily wooded with the pine island bayou meandering throughout.  there is also many swampy areas as well. the entire area is host to a veritable smorgasbord of wild animals.  armadillo, javelina hogs, possums, raccoons,
skunks, deer, turtles, a few bears, wild bobcats, and of course, snakes of various persuasions.  this particular day was cool, moderately overcast, no sun, light winds no vision obscurants, save for a very, very fine mist.  i was standing along the banks of pine island bayou facing north when i looked up and
to my right (east) only to see at a distance of roughly 100 yards away a positively huge bird flying from south to north. (continued under creature description) it was approximately flying at a height of 150 feet and i was able to observe its flight for a total of one minute or so before it disappeared in to a cloud bank.

Activities of Witness:   Fully awake, well rested, totally sober, drug free, good teenage eye sighted individual who had spent the morning mostly snake hunting or shooting at turtles in the bayou near his home. no other witnesses around.

Description of Creature:  Light plum color, normally feathered, wing span estimated at 10-20 feet (bigger, longer than anything i've ever seen on any living, known bird) grayish clawed feet and grayish beak. in profile it resembled a pterodactyl more so than any other bird i am familiar with either in movies, pictures, real life or drawings of same. it's wings moved slowly and methodically with an economy of motion which barely seemed fluid enough to support its weight or keep it in motion, let alone airborne. it's wings, when spread, had an almost skeletal semi transparency about them.

Other Notes:    N/A

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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