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DATE:    07/00/89

TIME:     (roughly) 6:00 pm

LOCATION:   White County, Arkansas

TERRAIN:    Swampy

OBSERVED:    When I was 17 my father and I were leaving for the day from our fishing trip I saw a Large reptilian like creature swimming in lake run-off just to the right of the dirt road we were driving down. It was just a little bit after 6:00 pm in July but the sun was still very bright and the air was clear so I got a pretty good look at what appeared to be a large creature with the head of a snake.

My dad was driving pretty slow down the dirt road so it wasn't really a passing glance... I was able to turn and watch it as we drove by. I pointed it out to my dad but he didn't see it and said it must be an alligator (which for one is VERY rare in Arkansas anyway much less in the central part of the state).

I have seen alligators before (not in this area) but enough to know what they look like swimming and can recognize them instantly by sight, so I knew what I was seeing was no alligator. I have never seen anything like this before and I never saw anything like it since or do I know of any other reported sightings from this area about a similar creature.

I did not drink or do drugs and am very sound and sober and I firmly believe that what I saw was no alligator, but it didn't have the body movement of a snake swimming but did leave a good size wake as it swam. I was no more than 30 yards away from the creature and only saw the head which appeared to be about 4 feet in length and was viper like in appearance. the eyes were large and shined in the sunlight. It's skin was medium gray in color, and a edge like ridge was above it's eyes. No horns or spikes or anything like that ... just very plain reptilian looking viper like head was all I saw.

It was swimming at a fairly good rate but not like it was in a hurry or spooked in anyway. It did not turn toward us nor did it seem to even notice our passing. It just swam by without a sound or care in the world.

My dad and I were the only people in that area at the time so I don't know of anyone else that could have witnessed it, or could have been hoaxing it as a joke to other fishermen. Of course it was the perfect time to have a camera, but as usual, when you need one it's always at home with dead batteries...

Activities of Witness:   Riding in vehicle

Description of Creature:  All I saw was the viper like head with ridge above large round eyes. About 4 feet in length with medium gray reptilian skin / scales.

Other Notes:    N/A

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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