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DATE:    December 24, 2004

TIME:     Around 8:00 pm

LOCATION:   Punggol (north-eastern Singapore region).

TERRAIN:    Mild jungle, with narrow road in the middle that leads to Punggol Beach. Not far from the location of the sighting is Marina Country Club (Punggol New Town is located several kilometers away).

OBSERVED:    My friends and I were heading back after a party held at Marina Country Club. We decided to walk along this quiet stretch of road (which leads to Punggol Beach). Either sides of the road were mild jungles, and said road was lit only by lamppost's. As we were walking, my girlfriend told us to stop in our tracks. We asked he what happened and she told us that she saw some movements behind the trees to our left. That was when we saw something lumbering out of the jungle and across the road, and into the jungle on the right. All I have to say is that it was the weirdest creature I have ever seen, and because the rest saw it (there were five of us), I know it was real.

Activities of Witness:   Going back after party at Marina Country Club.

Description of Creature:  Round and bloated like a beach ball, 11 feet tall and covered with orange fur that are straight and silky, about 2 to 4 inches long. The fur covered the creature entirely, except for palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The creature has a pair of feet (no legs, just feet) about 10 inches long and 8 inches wide, with three clawed toes. The arms are moderately built and short (no signs of muscles) having hands with four clawed fingers (including opposable thumbs). The head is ovoid (egg-like) in shape, having no neck only blueberry flab around the throat area and down to above the chest area. The back of the head is connected to the creature's bloated ball body, and there is a single horn (large, similar to a rhinoceros) on the forehead. Unfortunately, we did not get to see the creature's face.

Other Notes:    The Witness, sent in the following information after their initial report.
1.) I forgot to verify that we heard strange grunting noises (mixture of an ape and a pig) before seeing the creature lumbering across the road. The creature was slow in its movements, and it lumbered in a shuffling motion. Also, we did not get a clear look at the creature's face, because it was dark and the only light which lid the road is dim-litted lamppost's. However, we can tell that it had neither nose, nor ears and we could make out the rhino-like horn in the darkness. Yes, it walked upright. .

2.) We did not get to see a clear look of its face due to the fact it was looking straight while lumbering, so we only got to see the creature's face from sideways. We did see a line in the center of the creature's head which stretched nearly to the sides of its face. This could be the mouth, and there seems to be a 1-inch snout for the stretch of the upper lip. No nose and ears. We did not get to see the eyes.

3.) Besides being orange in color, there are yellow contrasts in certain small areas of its body.

4.) It was nighttime, cool and breezy

P.S. (an unknown specie of giant sloth?) 

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