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DATE:    August 2002 

TIME:     Approx. 9:30 am 

LOCATION:   Van Buren County, Tennessee, on Old State Hwy. 111 

TERRAIN:    Hilly hardwoods with some pine and old strip pits 

OBSERVED:    I was driving home from Dunlap, TN on this morning. I topped a hill and saw something big and black sitting in the bottom in front of me on the white line on the right side of the road. My first thought was "dog". It was sitting up very straight, looking out into the woods. About that time, it got up and I remember seeing little pieces of gravel fly out from under it's feet as it sort of did a "burnout" while getting up. It was then that it's tail straightened out behind it and looked to be longer than it's body, which was as big as a large dog. It was definitely a big black cat, about the size of a large walker or blue tick hound. It then leaped off the side of the road into the woods. I floored my car down the hill, but by the time I got to where it was, it had vanished. I was alone that morning, so unfortunately, I have no other witnesses to this sighting.

Activities of Witness:   I had spent the night with my cousin in Dunlap, Tn the night before and was driving home the next morning. (sober and drug-free) 

Description of Creature:  Large sleek (short haired) jet black cat about the size of a large walker hound. Approximately 3.5 to 4 ft long without the tail; which was longer than it's body. Despite what the TWRA says, I know that there are black panthers in this area and I know that was exactly what I saw.

Other Notes:    I would just like to add that there was a drought at the time of this sighting and there is an old strip pit hole just off the road in the holler before the one I saw the cat in. It is my belief that the cat had came to the water to drink and had moved off and was searching for food when I topped the hill and disturbed it. I started searching the net for info on black panthers in Tennessee, and most reports say that there are no black panthers in Tennessee or anywhere in the south; with the exception of Florida. I know this to be untrue. I know what I saw and many others in this area have saw them also.

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    Most of the people I have told this story to have either saw a panther or mountain lion in this area, or know someone who has.

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