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DATE:    May 1987 

TIME:     Approx. 7:00 am 

LOCATION:   Cooke County, Texas,  Highway 82 eastbound, between Muenster, Tx and Lindsay, Tx. 1/4 mile west of the rest stop, on the west bank of Elm Creeks 

TERRAIN:    Low-lying mixed hardwood creek bed and open pasture/cultivated cropland. Gentle hills. An old gravel quarry is still in use less then a quarter mile off the road to the south. 

OBSERVED:    I was driving to Gainesville to attend a 7:30 am history class at the community college when I topped the hill before the rest stop and saw what I took to be a large garbage bag in the left lane at the bottom of the hill. I changed lanes, mentally cursing whoever left it there. As I approached the bottom of the hill, the "Garbage bag" raised it's head and looked towards me. I took my foot off the gas and observed it as I approached and it was then that I recognized it as a huge turtle crossing the road. I had no camera, and couldn't afford to be late for class so I didn't stop. Then watched it until I topped the next hill. It remained in the left lane, pointed south. The Semi tractor behind me also had to change lanes to avoid it. It must have been following the creek down from the Red River, heading south.

Activities of Witness:   I drove that road every morning to attend college classes in Gainesville 

Description of Creature:  It sat unmoving throughout the entire encounter save for it's head. I estimated it to be 2.5 to 3 feet tall, and it was longer than it was tall. It was massive, and as I said, I had taken it to be a large, contractor type bag full of trash. In the early light, it appeared to be black or very dark in color. It's head was easily larger than my fist, possibly approaching baseball sized.

Other Notes:    The only other turtle approaching this size that I have ever seen is the one at Fair Park Aquarium in Dallas, and I didn't know of its existence until several years later. It wasn't as large as the one I saw that morning (in my estimation)

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    Just deer and bobcat. It is a wildlife corridor. I have told this story many times, never realizing that it was anomalous. I knew alligator snappers got that big, I did not know that they were not common to the area.

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