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DATE:    This occurred sometime between summer of 1985-summer of 1986. I can't recall the exact time of year, but know it was warm (not a lot of help for south Texas).

TIME:     Evening 

LOCATION:   Bexar County, Texas.  I was living in an apartment complex in NW San Antonio, TX, at the time.   


OBSERVED:    One night, my brother and I - both adults - were outside just talking, something we did frequently. We noticed some large creature just Huebner, flying very close above the utility wires along the road. The creature was large, at least six feet, though I believe it was more like 8-10 feet in wingspan. I know it was larger than any buzzard we had seen, and those can be big in Texas. Also, the shape was unlike any bird of prey that I have ever seen. This thing flew, or glided, back & forth over the wires for at least ten minutes while we watched. neither of us could recall exactly how long we observed this thing. The shape seemed more bat-like than bird-like, though that isn't right either. In later years, after reading about pterosaur sightings, and recalling this thing, that description seems most like what we saw. Being avid zoo-goers, and having seen many water birds, I can state that this was none of those with certainty. The flight patterns were wrong, as was the shape. One thing about this creature; whatever it was, it seemed to be watching us, and we both were very creeped out by the whole thing. There was a very real sense of threat from this creature, and I firmly believe that, had we stayed outside for too much longer, we might have been attacked by the thing. Perhaps all that prevented this was that there were two of us; I don't know. I have read other reports of pterosaur sightings that inspired a similar fear, and while no one can explain this, it reinforces my belief that this is what we saw. While I would love for proof of these things to be found, I don't know if I ever want to see another one.

Activities of Witness:   We were outside that night simply to look at stars and talk.  This was a practice that was pretty regular with us, that we shared (and no doubt inherited from, our dad).  We were often outside at night till the wee hours of the morning, and quite used to all the normal nocturnal activities for that area.  Bats were never any problem for us, either.  I can remember more than one night when my dad and I would chuckle at the bats, because we would hear a mosquito quite close to an ear, and then it would be gone, and the other person would often catch a very quick glimpse of a bat-blur nabbing the pest.  Needless to say, this was welcome, and not in the least scary.  I wasn't even spooked upon seeing a cougar hop off the carport across the alley one night, where it had been observing me for some time unseen.  Surprised, but not spooked, as it clearly wasn't a threat at that point, and simply went its way.  This flying thing , though, was truly menacing. 

Description of Creature:  As for further description, we were unable to see a lot of the head, due to the low level of lighting at that time, and the location where the thing was flying.  The head did stick out further than that of most any of the raptors, except for buzzards, and the shape was off for those.  The wing shape seems closest to pictures of the pterosaurs, sloping the way they are drawn.  The wings did not seem as narrow-looking as would those of a heron or stork, nor was the behavior correct for those birds.  Both my brother and I did consider the possibility that this was some really big bird loose from the zoo (or some other location) and far from home, but the shape and behavior simply did not support this hypothesis.  The creature flew mostly back and forth, going one way, the turning and going back the other, and seemed to be looking our direction for most of the gliding.  There was not a lot of wing movement, such as you find with herons and cranes.  I lived in Florida for some years since that time, and while there had the opportunity to see all sorts of water birds on a very regular basis.  I never saw one flying like this thing did, nor were any of them ever threatening.  The area of this sighting was also urban, and there was no place for any sort of nest; if there had been, that could have explained the threat behavior.  This was a pretty dry area in general, though, and large water birds were not seen there.

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