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DATE:    mid 1980s 

TIME:     N/A 

LOCATION:   Miami Kansas near Hillsdale Kansas 

TERRAIN:    Wooded 

OBSERVED:    This happened in the mid 1980s in Miami KS near Hillsdale KS.  Farm property were this happened around a quarter mile from the lake.   I don't remember the year, but don't believe I was yet in high school at the time.    The snake was crossing the road in front of our car.  The two parcels of land on both sides were owned by my family.  The area was wooded.  Probably around 500 ACRES of timber.  In this are there was a ravine with a creek running below the road.  Creek ran towards the lake into what used to be BULL CREEK before the lake filled the area for the reservoir.   The snake crossing over the top the rd near the creek.   There were hay bail storage areas were my grandparents stored hay year around up to maybe 100-150 bales and have always thought the area was likely a good place for rodents and snakes.  At the time my parents considered running over it in their car, but I pleaded with them and actually it was really big to hit.  I distinctly remember it took up both sides of the road with the head on one side and the tail on the other.  My parents stopped the car and I jumped out.  At that time I was a very avid hunter of snakes and had around 4 pet snakes at that time including a King Snake, Milk Snake, Garter, and Ring Neck.   I remember thinking wow this snake was as large as a huge Boa and was so excited I jumped out of the car and ran after it.  I came up beside it standing in a ditch beside the road just as its head entered the tree line.  At that point its tail was still up on the road.   I watched helplessly as the treeline devoured the snake within five to ten seconds.   It moved swiftly and its girth was so wide I doubted I could grip both hands around its body.  I was impressed by how wide its body and remember hearing twigs break as it slithered into the tree line.   Having caught tons of snakes before up to 4 ft in length and having no fear I was really motivated to try and grab and wrestle it, but was worried about the head coming around to bite me.  Its head was way larger than any snake I had managed. It was simply too large that I could not manage the snake alone so I was really torn not to try and wrestle it.   At the time I expected the snake to have been probably longer than 10 ft. and never new what record size was expecting that the snakes get really long.   About a year ago I asked a park official and he told me the largest sized black snake on record was 8 ft in length.  So I guessed the snake I must have seen 15 years earlier was probably over 8 ft, but perhaps not much larger so posted a VERY conservative report on another cryptid web site that defied my memory.    After conversing with someone who had taken interest in the report they convinced me to go back and measure the road with a tape measure.  I was surprised to find the road was over 18 ft wide in the area were the snake had passed.   In order for two cars to pass each other there needs to be around this much width to my surprise so the length had to have been much longer than my conservative estimate and larger than the record.  When I returned to the area and pictured the snake I realized it was absolutely huge.    The road was gravel so there is a chance it could have widened due to grating, however I am quite certain the snake was now 15-18ft as that much distance is needed for two cars to pass comfortably.    Inspired by this and a bit perplexed as I knew the largest snake on record is 8 ft. I started doing research on line looking for reports of large black snakes and was surprised to find very old reports of black snakes the width of stove pipes in the Smoky Mountains. Some reports up to 30 ft in length.    I found a report of a large black snake or black eel from the 50s known as SINK HOLE SAM reported at 15 ft in length, which stirred up media reports.   I also found reports of other large black snake sightings as far north as South Dakota and far South as Arkansas seeming to average between 15 and 30 ft in length.   My investigation into this subject has lead me to believe either black (RAT) snakes grow as long as they live and that although the natural life expectancy may be a certain age they may have the ability to live much longer and thus growing longer.  My second and more likely conclusion is that there maybe a rare species of black snake undocumented in North America such as THE GIANT BLACK SNAKE   I furthermore draw the conclusion that most of the snakes may not be living to maturity and dying off before reaching a large size and therefore go unreported when sighted as people would pass them off as common black snakes.  Secondly, the majority of sightings are probably reported by farmers and people who would not report the sighting if they saw an unusually large snake.   Some would probably behave as I did assuming the snake was large, but not knowing the magnitude of their observation.

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