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DATE:    October 1, 2007 

TIME:     Approx. 12 noon 

LOCATION:   Flagstaff, Arizona 

TERRAIN:    Other 

OBSERVED:    I don't know the exact date, but would have to have been around Sept/Oct of 2007. I was waiting at the stop light to turn left onto Enterprise Rd when I saw something strange in the sky. My first thought was maybe its a hang glider as I first saw it soaring upward high up in the sky. The it started descending and it was big so I thought "Is that some kinda plane?". All this time I am turning left and trying to watch the road as I cross the railroad tracks. As I look up again I stopped the car for a few seconds and watched the thing descending then the "wings" of the thing beat downward then wings went back up and I saw it had legs. I was terrified because I suddenly realized this thing seemed to be a living creature and not some kind of glider or aircraft.

Additional things: I looked around to see if anyone else seemed to have seen it. But no other cars stopped. Actually for that time of day I remember thinking it was odd there were so few cars on the road. 

Activities of Witness:   I was driving back home from running errands. I was alone in car and going back home to get a bite to eat before I headed into work as I worked evening shift at that time.  

Description of Creature:  On your site I read reports of pterodactyls, but this wasn't like a dinosaur type bird. It looked like a gigantic brown hawk or eagle. I didn't get a good look of its head, but I remember it had a longish neck, long brown wings and brown legs. I'm just calling this a bird because I don't know of anything else in the sky that has wings that flap up and down with legs. I would say it is about the size of Piper Cub plane.

Other Notes:    I just have to say I think it might be possible that giant birds exist. My mother is Native American and I grew up learning the old Native stories about Thunderbirds. I don't recall in the stories if it said what the Thunderbirds actually looked like. I do recall a Native story I think took place around Chattanooga, TN about giant eagles. I would never have told what I saw to anyone but then a few months ago I saw a tv show about recent sightings of Thunderbirds so maybe I've seen the same thing others have seen. I didn't even know who to report it too till I saw your Bigfoot site had a Weird Stuff section that listed other creatures.  I should note I am very interested in Bigfoot so that's why I was on your site to begin with. I've never seen Bigfoot though have heard some weird sounds in the forest and wood and rock knockings but I reported that to another BF group who didn't seem too interested.  

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    In summer of 2006 I was driving through Oak Creek Canyon heading back to Flagstaff where out of the corner of my eye I saw two large "things" launch from the canyon's edge into the air and circled around in the air. At first I thought it was those motorless airplane gliders as it had long wings. But then I thought to myself "hold on a motorless airplane has to be pulled by another plane; it can't launch itself off a cliff". I glanced back looking out of the corner of my eye as I drove closer and thought for a split second I saw a giant bird. But I thought my eyes must be getting tired and not seeing things correctly. I didn't think about that incident again until I saw the giant bird in the middle of town over a year later. 

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