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DATE:    August 14, 1976 

TIME:     2:00 PM 

LOCATION:   Quebec, Canada 

TERRAIN:    Wooded 

OBSERVED:    The cat was pacing in the bush beside us.  We had just stopped on our 10 spds to take a break from our bike ride to laurel QC when we heard the noise we got nervous and left but as soon as we left the cat came out on the road right behind us and no it was a big cat with a big tail it just playfully chased us for a piece then stopped to smell the road.  We watched it for about two or three minutes until it decided to chase us again.  We took off and raced down hill to home told my father about it and it took a while before he would believe us.  He went with us to check for tracks in the car.  We found some but let it go as that.  A couple of years ago i talked to a retired mailman and he told me that he seen a black cat in his area around the same time as we did.  The other guy who was with me is now in the canadian military stationed in Ottawa Canada 

Activities of Witness:   Peddling our bikes home and just stopped to rest 

Description of Creature:  Like a puma black a shiny black and a long tail thick 

Other Notes:    N/A

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    There has been stories of a bigfoot or something of that nature a couple of years ago near a small town called Kilmar Que two professors from montreal seen something cross the road in front of them in the evening .they were returning to montreal after a weekend at their cottage at lake Macdonald.  this took place about 5 or 6 yr. ago.  there was a group from montreal that came up to investigate they spent 2 weekends in the area.  If you were to check on this, montreal would be the place to start and yes they speak english.  (Name withheld)  of grenville sur la rouge has knowledge of this.  I'll try and get a hold of him to find out the particulars on this for you guys.  also i live now near several areas that have sightings wakaw, prince albert and rosthern saskatchewan also on the road to points north.  Also last fall when i was in smithers BC there was and still is reports of a bigfoot in the area.

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