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DATE:    1992 

TIME:     Noon 

LOCATION:   San Bernardino County, California,  Marine Corps Base 

TERRAIN:    Desert 

OBSERVED:    Our Light Armored Vehicles were parked on a huge area of land( we called the ramp) that is either concrete or sand, several acres in size.  One day while resting in the shade during lunch, several of us Marines noticed something about the size of a small dog, maybe 6 inches tall and about 18 inches long, very skinny; it was darting back and forth along the ramp, under and between the vehicles, at very high speeds, covering hundreds of yards in seconds.   A few of us decided to investigate and we were amazed to find that when we got close to the thing it was a giant insect!  It appeared to be a giant wasp, black and red, it was to long to catch with a five gallon bucket, because believe me we tried to catch it for about an hour.  It moved so fast, that you could not see if it moved at top speed at distances of about 10-30 foot.  One second it would be in front of you and then it would dart away so fast you could not see it, and then it would be 15 feet to your left.  It was over 18 inches long, about 6 inches tall, and its head was a little bigger than a golf ball but more football shaped.  It had wings but never did fly.  When running at top speeds over the sand it threw sand in the air like a boat leaves a wake. It made noises and appeared threatening.  It was so intimidating that more than six Marines decided not to mess with it anymore after trying to catch it made it very mad.  I've seen big insects in Africa and other places I visited while in the military, but never anything this big and ugly and mean and fast, it was truly amazing.

Activities of Witness:   Eight to ten Marines resting in the shade. 

Description of Creature:  A giant wasp more than 18 inches long, six inches tall, black and red with a huge head, very aggressive and very fast moving, seemed unable or unwilling to fly.  Could move hundreds of yards in seconds.  Made noises. 

Other Notes:    I did some research and the nearest insect I can find that resembles this insect was the tarantula hawk.  A wasp that lives in the desert and has similar coloring but is only supposed to grow to be 2-3 inches in length.  I sent an email to an entomologist at a university and I got the feeling he didn't believe me about the size, but said he didn't think it would be a tarantula hawk because of the size. 

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