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Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On  May 1, 2011

DATE:    4-5-11 

TIME:     9:00-9:30 am 

LOCATION:   Wayne County, West Virginia 

TERRAIN:    Wooded 

OBSERVED:    My Brother went outside on his screened-in-porch to smoke, between 9 & 9:30 a.m. and farther up into the hollow standing on a rock outcropping, he observed a black panther type cat. He watched it until it moved away farther into the hollow out of his sight. This type of animal has previously been seen in this hollow by other relatives, both my uncle and cousin. I myself have heard a large cat making growling noises on two occasions this past winter. This seems to be one reason the dogs in the neighborhood spend so much time barking and chasing during the night time hours!  

Additional Info:    N/A

Activities of Witness:   Smoking on his screened-in-porch 

Description of Creature:  All black

Other Notes:    N/A

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    Yes, noted in the report

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments N/A

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