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DATE:    05/1978  

TIME:     12:30 am  

LOCATION:   Addison County, Vermont  

TERRAIN:    this is a mix of open fields scattered trees swamp  

OBSERVED:    My 2 friends & myself were escaping from a juvenile det facility in vergennes vt . We had been running for miles & were very tired it was hot we were panting running ragged. The last time I tried to escape swat pulled over the bus I was on so we stuck to the back woods all of a sudden a loud flutter of air is overhead.After the swat encounter I thought it was a helicopter for sure. I yelled helicopter we ran to the left under a big tree to hide only has we looked up ducking for cover a huge figure swooped over where we just were arcing up to a big dead tree where it landed facing away from us. we were all shocked then horified when the huge creature turned it,s head 180 degrees back at us staring at us with huge golden eyes that had a red glaze on them. I was frozen in fear so were my friends this creature was like 5 foot tall maybe 6 if those legs were up straight had a wing span of 12 feet maybe more like a horned owl it had the points above it's eye wings had points at elbows maybe talons it's feet were huge with massive talons. Just as we were being stared down for supper the branch broke it was sitting on but it did not let go right off instead those massive wings started fluttering it carried the 6 inch thick 10 foot long branch 3 or 4 feet up in th air before it dropped it crashing to the ground.  It felt like a helicpter over head the wind & loud noise from this giant after the branch fell I grabbed a piece of it for a weapon cause it was reroosting facing us this time. I yelled grab a branch do what I do as I started yelling at it waiving the branches along with john & david the big owl gave us a confused look let out a big shriek back at us slowly hover turned & flew off without to much noise just the loud whoosh of when it's wings upstroked what a scary & magnificent creature.

Additional Info:    The owls body was brown with a light color belly sotted it had huge claws black talons big brownish ivory colored beak it turned it,head 180 degrees an owl ability . This was not a great snow owl or white owl I have seen many owls being a hunter this was a lost giant had 2 points on it,s head and wing arches the body was has big has a person very muscular . The eyes were huge golden with a red haze over them the looks & reaction of this animal were it was hunting maybe thought we were injured when we challeged it we were no longer prey. 
Activities of Witness:    We were running for miles tired panting

Description of Creature:  5 to 6 foot in hieght big golden eyes with a red glaze over them feathers look like 2 horns on its head big pale brown beak whitish biege belly with spots medium brown color body huge 12 foot plus wings big dark brown feet black talons could be talons on wings elbows also or just feathers like head not sure

Other Notes:    I never thought to much about it till I saw the talk over big hoot or moth man I feel blessed to have encountered such a rare creature.We don,t know every thing out there understand nature do not fear the unkown. My geuss is it was hungry & migrating north probaly thought we were prey running injured we probaly ran right under it thats why we would have heard the flutter it was probaly trying to seperate us it could have took out a person easy . Once it realized we were not prey & were ready to fight it took off with that defiant screach in no hurry either obviuosly to show us it was not afraid ?

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    Not sure but the creature was heading north when it flew off

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments wanted to say most kids that were in juvenile were from messed up homes like myself. I am a normal 50 yo father of 2 I still live in vermont am an avid hunter & have never seen anything like that owl since

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