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REPORT RECEIVED: From the Field Notes of Rick Vereen, GCBRO Member

DATE:  1999

TIME:  At around 7:00pm, after church

LOCATION:  West Virginia,  McDowell County, Bughurry  Hollow

TERRAIN:  Wooded, House at  the  end  of  Hollow

OBSERVED:    I returned around 7:00pm from church.  I heard the dogs, out back raising cain as if they were into a major fight, so I went to check on them. As I rounded the house a large creature grabbed me and threw me down like a limp rag.  It was very strong. By the time I recovered, it was gone  Four of my dogs were killed, and the other was injuried.

Description of Creature:   tall  and  black

Activities of Witness:  Checking  on  dogs

Other Notes:  N/A

Other Other Notes:  N/A

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