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DATE:    August 2000

TIME:     Dusk

LOCATION:   West Virginia, Monongalia County

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    Two of my friends and I were walking home on our little country road, and it was just turning dusk out. There was a field like yard on one side of the road, and thick woods on the other. I was on the side closest to the woods, which would be putting me about two feet from the edge of the trees. We were just chatting when out of nowhere this thing crashed through the brush with a jump, landing right beside me. We each ran screaming in a different direction, no  one curious enough to look back, we were that scared. From what I saw before running, it was nearly six feet tall, appeared albino, covered with short hair, and having a distinct man shape form. It didn't chase us or anything; I think it just wanted to give us a scare.

Activities of Witness:   We were just walking home from a friend's house.

Description of Creature:  Estimated height of nearly six feet with broad shoulders in an almost hulking figure. It appeared albino, covered with short, possibly coarse, hair. It had a bulky man shaped body. I didn't notice any bad smell, if there was any. In research, it bears a striking similarity to the Marked Hominid, one of the classes of the "Bigfoot" creatures.

Other Notes:    I don't live there anymore, but when I did, I'd sometimes hear loud, woman like wails during the night.

Some very close (and very reliable) people have also encountered a creature very much similar to the one we encountered, though it wasn't albino. This creature was shaggier, having orangish-brown hair, reaching a height of about six foot, and having long arms. This was seen by three other people, though they wish to have their names concealed. In both of these incidents the people came within twenty yards of the creature because it followed them, though never tried to attack them. It only seemed to want them out of its woods.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness added.
I was mad after sending in my report for forgetting to mention something from the description on the other two sightings. After talking to one of them, I was told that it had hair covering its face so that you couldn't see its facial features. I got a book called "The Field Guide to Bigfoot . . ." with sketches of  them based on descriptions given from sightings. There was one called the "Eastern Bigfoot" (the area in the US in which I live) with a distinguishing characteristic of hair covering its face. I showed the picture to one of the witnesses who I still communicate with till this day, and they said that it very closely resembled the creature that they saw.

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