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DATE:  July 1976

TIME:  Approximately 11:00 pm

LOCATION:    West Virginia, Rural Preston County,  about two miles outside of a little town called Manown

TERRAIN:  Wooded

OBSERVED:   I was about 9 years old at the time this occurred. I was spending the summer with my grandma at her trailer which sat at the back of her property (about an acre) backed up to miles of woods.
We were waiting for my grandfather to come home from the mines where he worked second shift. It was around 11:00 pm and we were sitting at the kitchen table playing a game of Sorry.  All of a sudden, we both heard this awful high pitched scream, I can only discribe as being like a woman being attacked or murdered. That's what I thought it was.  My Grandmother just stood up and walked to the back bedroom with me RIGHT behind her, and she came out with a flashlight and a little handgun. We both went to the back door of the trailer and she opened it up, and shone the light out into the woods which started about 5 or 6 yards behind it. I was looking out from behind her, and as she shone the light toward a pine tree that was right at the edge of the woods, we then saw TWO SETS of huge red eyes looking back at us from the front of and a little bit under the front of the tree.
Grandma then held the handgun up in the air and fired off a shot to scare these things away but they weren't scared and stayed right where they were. I was terrified! Grandma was too I think but didn't let on.
We slammed the door and locked it, and waited for grandpa to come home, which he did about 15 minutes later, entering through the same back door we had just stood at looking out at these eyes.
He said he didn't see or hear anything and laughed at us.

Description of Creature:   N/A

Activities of Witness:  Just sitting at the kitchen table playing a game.

Other Notes:  I didn't notice any real odor. It was very, very dark outside. the only outside light on the property was attached to an old garage at the other end of the yard to the front of the trailer.

Other Other Notes:  I recently asked several members of my family if they remembered anything strange happening around there and three of my sisters told stories of hearing screams and seeing eyes looking into the windows of the trailer. Nobody had ever said a word about it before I asked.
My sister Janet told a strange story of what she assumed to be a whipperwhill? coming onto the front porch at night and looking into the window?? I always assumed that birds took to the trees at night. But she said that she would hear it and then see the eyes.  We were all kids at the time so that could be the reason she assumed it was a bird.

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