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REPORT RECEIVED: From the Field Notes of Joesph Bell, GCBRO Member

DATE:  June 1976

TIME:  Late Afternoon & evening

LOCATION:  West Virginia, Summers county,  Blue Stone State Park

TERRAIN:  Wooded

OBSERVED:   Randy's Brother Gary  had just graduated from high school . Randy ,Gary , and Randy's
wife Jenny were celebrating by going camping at Blue Stone State Park in Southern West Virginia. They arrived at the park and rented a Boat at a local marina. The camp grounds were full so they decided to find another camping site at a remote section of the lake. They set up camp right at the waters edge . After setting up camp Randy and Gary  took the boat back to the marina to pick up the rest of their supplies . Jenny started to prepare supper . She heard movement in the woods and the sounds of breaking limbs to the rear of their campsite. When Randy and Gary returned she told them of what she had heard and that she felt as if she was
being watched.  Randy told her that it was just some of the local wildlife. The group fished supper and sat around the fire enjoying each other company and their  own little part of the lake. Sometime after dark the group heard the sounds of movement in woods , accompanied by the sounds of breaking limbs and high pitched calls.  Randy said that he could see trees swaying back and forth. It sounded like something was not happy
with their choice of campsites. At times the group thought of leaving , but not wanting to get back in the boat at night with no light they decided to stay. They built the fire up and settled in for a long night . What ever was making the noise seemed to settle down a bit after the campers  retired to their tents for the night, but would start up sporadically for the remainder of the night. Randy got up several times during the night to make sure the fire burned high. What ever was making all the noise was never clearly seen, remaining just outside of the glow of the fire in the tree line.

This might have been just another story of things that go bump in the night. But the next morning Randy and Gary went to the area that all the noise was coming from the night before. After walking a short distance they came upon a clearing in the woods. This clearing was not natural as it had been made by pushing over and breaking off trees. This clearing some 30 feet across was covered in vegetation that had been laid in a random fashion on the ground roughly six inches thick. At the outer perimeter of the clearing  three  trees had been pushed over and held in this position by placing  large logs across the trunks of these trees so that the tops of the trees were hanging just off the ground. Under the tops of these trees looked to be areas of worn bedding . Two of these trees were on one side of  the clearing and the other on the opposite side next to a small well hidden trail that lead back into woods. There was no camp fire noted and Randy thought this strange  if this was some kind of human camp. Randy saw several animal carcasses lying on the ground and got a uneasy feeling. He told Gary that something wasn't right and that they should leave the area.

Description of Creature:   N/A

Activities of Witness:  Setting up camp and preparing supper

Other Notes:  I have known Randy and his wife for the last 13 years. He is religious and would be out of character for he and his wife to have made up this story. We hope to return to Bluestone later this year to  to look for signs that these animals are still in this area.  Though no animals were seen the night of the  fore  mentioned events, I find the behavior consistent with that of a bigfoot type creature . The camp found is most interesting as there seems to be a debate as to whether Big foot type creatures use such semi-permanent dwellings. Randy did sat that none of the trees in the camp had be cut. They had all been broken or
twisted off.

Other Other Notes:  N/A

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