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DATE:    10/27/09 

TIME:     Started approx.  0100 

LOCATION:   Webster County, West Virginia 

TERRAIN:    Wooded  

OBSERVED:    On the night of 10-27 my fiancé and I were staying at her mother's house. At approx. 0100 I noticed a very strong, foul, "sour milk" like smell. The smell was strong enough to prevent me from falling asleep. I stated to my fiancé "something stinks" she agreed, she then said "I have a really weird feeling" I began to shine a flashlight out of the front windows. While I was looking out the front window she reported to me that she had seen a "shadow" move across the porch. It had blocked the light from the porch light, so was evidently between the light and the window; however, we didn't hear anything cross the porch. We thought it had gone, but she still said she had the strange feeling. We listened for anything to make a noise, and noticed that the "normal" nighttime neighborhood sounds were oddly absent, no dogs barking, no cows mooing, nothing. We then started to hear a light tapping on the walls of the house, sometimes quite loud taps were audible. This lasted till approx. 0300. At daylight (approx. 0700) we went outside. I began to look for traces of what could have been around the house during the night. In the heavy dew on the grass I noted what looked like trails around the house although no obvious tracks. I also noticed what appeared to be "rub" marks just under the rear windows that looked into the living room where we were during the night. These windows were too high for kids to reach and almost too high for me (I'm 6') to reach.

Additional things: During the day of 10/27 my fiancé told me she had had a feeling of being followed when  she took the kids to catch the school bus. With whatever was following stopping in a stand of trees just below the house where we heard the tapping. We decided to check out the trees because I have had training in tracking. While looking in the trees, we came across what appeared to be tracks going uphill. Only 2 were discernible enough to get measurements. Both were right foot prints and measured 15 1/2" long 6" wide at the toe and 3 1/4" at the heel. The stride was 37 1/2" from tip of the rear toe to the end of the front heel. While we were in the trees we heard what could only be described as wood knocks which continued for approx. 45  minutes after we left the trees. 

Activities of Witness:   We were trying to go to sleep 

Description of Creature:  N/A

Other Notes:    Our neighbor, a teenage girl, remarked to us about how unusually dark and quiet it had been during the night. She also told us her dogs had hid under her bed all night, which was very odd for them. 

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    N/A

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments N/A

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