Due to the ever increasing efforts of spammers, we have setup this page with the contact
link, instead of having the contact link set to automatically send us an e-mail on every page of the web site.  All these buttons will bring you to this page instead, and you can click on the below link to send us an e-mail.  This way, when the spammer jerks, start sending us uneanted e-mails, we can come here to change the contact address
information in a matter of seconds, rather than having to redo the link on every page of
the web site.

Please Note, before contacting us, that we operate a friendly web site and organization.
So for those who want to send harassing or flaming e-mails, please don't waste your time or ours, as your e-mail will not be acknowledged in any way.

With that said, to contact the GCBRO, just click on the link below to send us an e-mail.

Email the GCBRO

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