by Matthew Scott Hansen.
     Published by Simon & Schuster
     Publication Date: January 9, 2007
     ISBN: 0-7432-9473-4
     Price: $25.00

When I received my copy of The SHADOWKILLER, the cover alone, had me all worked up and ready to dig into the meat of this new novel.  And I must say, that I was not disappointed in the least.  Matthew Scott Hansen, did a superb job of writing a Bigfoot horror novel that took me on a roller coaster ride waiting with anticipation, of what was going to happen next.  Unlike, other novels, that I have read in the past, the author took great care to fill in the finer details, or should I say the little things, that is so often overlooked.  He definitely did his research into Bigfoot, as well as Detective work and News Broadcasting before attempting to write this novel, and he did a superb job, in relaying these details in layman's terms so the reader could easily grasp the full picture, while being totally engrossed in this latest thriller.
My only regret with this book, is that it ended.  I was so wrapped up in it, that I flew through all 436 pages, and when I got to the end, I was left thinking to myself, "Man, I sure wish this was one of those books that seemed to never end.  I wasn't disappointed in the book or story line, it was such a great addictive read that I was just sad that I got to the end of it.  I am going to have to go back and read it again, just to get my horror fix one more time.

I hope that Matthew Scott Hansen, takes the time to do another Bigfoot horror novel somewhere down the line.  If he does, I will be the first in line to get my copy.

If you are into Bigfoot horror as I am, you won't be disappointed with The SHADOWKILLER.  You can click on both the book image or the url listed above to visit the authors web site.  At the bottom of this page is links to more information.

To quote the newsletter from Simon & Schuster:

Something wicked is coming this way, something preternaturally large, strong, and prescient.  Something that can sense a man's presence from afar, delights in his fear and relishes the taste of his flesh.  Most have heard of it, many believe in it, but few will openly profess a conviction that it is real.  Matthew Scott Hansen is a true believer; and by the end of his terrifying, spell-binding, and sometimes gut-wrenchingly graphic debut novel The SHADOWKILLER, you too will believe in the creature called Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Oh-Mah, See-Ah-Tik, Tsunoqua and hundreds of other names over the last several centuries.

When a flash fire set by careless campers devours his entire tribe, including his mate and offspring, a ten-and-a-half-foot super primate goes on a rampage of revenge through the forests of Snohomish County, Washington.  Able to sense the emotions and thoughts of his prey, the massively muscled, fourteen-hundred pound hominid is both surprised and delighted to find that the small two legged "Keepers of the Fire" he stalks emit a fear that evokes excitement and pleasure in him.  When he also discovers that their meat is tastier, and killing them is more satisfying than the woodland creatures he normally feeds on, he truly begins to enjoy his revenge.

Snohomish County Detective Mac Snyder is none too happy when he's asked to investigate a report of two well-connected, hot shot attorneys who have gone missing from a hiking trip.  Tracking down lost hikers is not the sort of case normally assigned to Mac, who, before moving to the Seattle area, was a decorated detective with the Los Angeles Police Department's Robbery Homicide Division for ten years.  At the scene of the disappearance, Mac finds something far more perplexing than a simple missing persons case.  A car door opener and what appears to be blood stains have been discovered a short distance from the lawyers' car, but there is no other trace of the men.  Even more curious, when a trio of tracking dogs pick up a scent, they turn silent, and with their tails held low, refuse to go on.  All of which pales in comparison to the conundrum posed by the giant footprint Mac and his partner eventually stumble upon in the woods.  Mac's superiors are convinced the footprint is an elaborate hoax, the work of a deranged psycho.  But after a timber company employee, a professional mountain biker, an elderly couple and other locals begin to disappear and more footprints are discovered, Mac becomes increasingly convinced that there is indeed a psychotic killer on the loose and that he isn't human.

Mac's investigation, as well as his personal and professional lives, become further complicated when he meets gorgeous but ruthlessly ambitious reporter Kris Walker.  Kris seizes upon the disappearances as an opportunity to catapult her career and decides that Mac is the swiftest route to an inside scoop.  Despite his better judgment, Mac is attracted to Kris' no holds barred style and overtly feminine charms.  When their relationship takes a decidedly unprofessional turn, Mac entrusts Kris with information concerning the case that she distorts into a report that the sheriff's department has been withholding evidence of a serial killer from the public.  Mac's superiors are furious, and when they discover that the source for the story was Mac, they suspend him from the case.  Knowing that the department will never accept the possibility that a giant humanoid is prowling in the woods, at least until many more lives are lost, Mac continues to pursue his suspicions on his own.

Meanwhile, a newspaper article about the timber company employee, who disappeared while investigating reports of a large number of damaged trees, attracts the attention of former software designer and tycoon Ty Greenwood.  At one point in his life, Ty had it all: looks, brains, immense wealth, a loving and equally successful wife, and two young children.  All that changed dramatically three years earlier when he went public about his chance encounter with a Bigfoot.  Desperate to prove the creature's existence, Ty embarked on a grotesquely expensive and frustratingly futile quest that ultimately made him a national laughing stock, alienated his wife and led him to the brink of suicide.  The obscure news article reignites his hope for vindication, a hope that is further emboldened when he is joined by an old Native American actor, Ben Campbell.  Six decades earlier, Ben barely eluded another savage forest giant, and it has pursued him in his dreams ever since.  Now Ben discovers he has a mystical connection with this new beast, and while he believes this extra-sensory link may be the key to stopping this ferocious, inhuman killing machine, he also knows it could cause his death.  But as Ty and Ben begin to investigate the escalating reports of disappearances in the dark forests northeast of Seattle, they learn that the sheriff's office has identified a very human suspect in the mysterious vanishings: Ty.

Unbeknownst to Mac, Kris, Ty and Ben, the fearsome and fiendishly cunning killer they seek has become equally fixated on finding them and, for reasons of its own, is intent on silencing their "mind voices."  The four eventually will come face to face with the unimaginable foe, a terrifying figure from their darkest nightmares that will threaten to destroy everything they hold dear.

The SHADOWKILLER deftly blends a police procedural with an old fashioned "ghost" story to create a furiously paced thriller reminiscent of early Stephen King.  Drawing upon the skills he honed as a screenwriter, television writer and the co-author of three biographies, Matthew Scott Hansen weaves his tale with powerful and often graphic imagery, occasional tension-relieving humor, and fascinating bits and pieces of the history behind the Bigfoot legend.  The SHADOWKILLER is an absolute page turner that will leave readers breathless and give the most hardcore skeptics second thoughts about taking a walk in the woods.


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