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DATE:    1981

TIME:     Around 5:00 pm 

LOCATION:   New South Wales, Australia 

TERRAIN:    Mountains, Narrow valley, Dense Forest, Undergrowth  

OBSERVED:    I was about 15 at the time and was living in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. On most weekends I would spend my free time bush walking or frequenting any number of the local swimming holes that were dotted in the bush around where I lived. On this day I had been checking out a new area that I had not explored before and was returning home after spending the full day in that area. I decided not to follow the creek which leads me back to my house as this is pretty rough going but instead to climb up onto the ridge top and make my way to the fire trail as this would save some time and get me home before dark. A decision I am ultimately glad I made. I made my way through the thick scrub to the cliff face and moved along it until I found a point where I could climb up to the top. The climb was not as easy as I expected and I was tired by the time I reached the top, so I decided to take a break on the cliff edge, have a drink etc. and then continue on to the fire trail approximately 1 kilometer away. I had been there for maybe five minutes when I picked up the sound of something down in the valley below me moving through the thick undergrowth. The valley at the point where I was sitting was maybe 200 yards wide with the creek running roughly through the center. What ever it was that was moving through the scrub must have been quite large but I was not able to see it due to the thick undergrowth. I could hear branches breaking and the sound of heavy footfalls which, from the first moment I heard it, started maybe 100 yards south of where I was, moved past my position, then continued on in a northerly direction. I strained to get a glimpse of whatever it was because with all that noise I was sure I should be able to see something. I jumped up and started to follow the noise by moving along the ridge top but I had only gone very far when the noise stopped and all I could hear was the sounds of the bush. I waited for maybe 15 minutes in silence but as it was starting to get dark I decided to push on for the fire trail and get home. It was an eerie walk through the bush to get to the fire trail and I stopped quite a few times to make sure I wasn't being followed because that was the feeling I was getting. Once I reached the fire trail I had over an hours walk before I got to the first house. The whole time I still had the feeling that I was being trailed by something and I was very glad when I got home. I am still, to this day, unable to speculate to what it was, only that whatever it was, must have been of considerable size and weight and didn't know I was there until I tried to follow it. 

Activities of Witness:   Bush walking, exploring, swimming. 

Description of Creature:  Could not see whatever it was.

Other Notes:    I have been through that area probably a hundred times but this was the first experience.
I went back into the same area a week later but this time I followed the creek. I found where something or someone had pushed through the undergrowth and snapped small saplings but due to the time difference could not see any tracks.

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