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Information Submission Form
Please report ANY Bigfoot/Sasquatch or ANY OTHER Cryptid/Unknown & or  Weird Animal Reports using the Submission Form Below.
If your not sure what it was, describe exactly what you saw.  If it is an animal that is not native to your area, but you saw it, then please
fill in all the details of this encounter below, so we can keep records and let others know of this out of place animal, that is now residing
there.  Our main emphasis is on Bigfoot, but we realize that there's more strange oddities, and unknowns other than Bigfoot not only
in our own local Forests, and Wooded areas but around the World as well.
Below you will find the form for submitting your report.  Please answer all questions that are applicable to you, and the incident that took place.
Please note, you will NOT be harassed in any way, shape or form.  When filling out the questionnaire, please fill out all applicable fields as completely as possible.  Those fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required fields, your report will not go through if you fail to properly fill out these designated areas.
Your name and other personal information will be kept confidential and only within the GCBRO, unless requested otherwise by you personally.
All of this information is not only required but it is necessary for us to do any follow-ups on these reports.
REMEMBER your name and or your personal information will NOT be divulged outside the GCBRO without your permission.
Thank You, for taking the time, to post about your report/encounter with the GCBRO!
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What was seen, heard, observed, encountered or found: *
Any additional things that were observed or heard:
Describe the creature - animal (if any?) observed  with as many details as possible: *
Describe the activities of the witness(s) prior to this occurrence: *
Have there been any other occurrences prior to, or since this one, in the same general or neighboring areas:
Are there any other details or circumstances that may or may not be associated with this:
You only need to click the below Submit Button once.  Give it a few seconds and then it should take you to another screen thanking you for what you have submitted to the GCBRO team.
If this screen does not appear shortly, then you may have to hit the Submit button again, to
send it on through.  Or you can E-mail the information to us through the link atop this page.
Thank You for your help and assistance, by filing your report with us.
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Thanks again for your help.