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DATE:    November 1, 1981 

TIME:     Night-time 

LOCATION:   Taylor County, Florida 

TERRAIN:    Swampy 

OBSERVED:    During November -December hunting season in 1981 my stepfather took us hunting many times in the XXXXXXXXXXXX area. His family had owned many acres of land in that area for years. We spent quite a bit of time in the area camping out sleeping in makeshift lean-tos. Numerous times while being left alone I can remember the eerie sensation like we were being watched and the hair standing up on the back of my neck. One evening it all came to a climax. After a day of hunting discussing how astounded we were as to how quiet it had been and how still the game was. There was no sound of crickets or nothing, not even a bird making a noise. There was one noise we did hear occasionally which sounded like a hoot owl on steroids.  (After listening to some vocalizations on here I am sure they are the same) We did discuss a very distinct odor which smelled like a skunk or worse. My step father said it was just a wild hog or so he thought and we made nothing of it. Hours later I remember being awakened by my step father setting up and screaming at something to get away. He quickly fired several shots of a rifle up into the air. ( The same stench at this time was terrible and gut wrenching) We could all hear a loud crashing noise as whatever it was ran off into the woods. As we sit up and was talking he described a tall looming figure which walked up and was looming over the lean to was looming over it. He guessed at least 7 feet tall.

A loud hoot owl like noise several times during the night . All over animals had been quiet that day and not even any insects making a noise. 

Activities of Witness:   We were all asleep in the lean to.  We had retired somewhat early as we had been hunting for several days in the area and were tired. 

Description of Creature:  We all smelled a distinct odor worse than a skunk. My stepfather described it at least seven feet talk and walking on two legs. 

Other Notes:    There were several trees in the area where seven to eight feet up bark and limbs had been stripped off.... 

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    About a week earlier, my stepfather and a friend had shot a young buck. The buck was in a dead run like it was running from something. Again he marveled at how quiet the forest was. He marked the area the deer had fallen and went after his friend to help him retrieve it. No where when the returned could they find the deer. A few months later they were in the area and found the deer in an entirely different area. He recognized the skull as the deer had a unique set of horns. He knew because he watched the deer fall and knew where it should have been.  

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