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DATE:    June 15, 1999 

TIME:     Late morning around 10:00 am 

LOCATION:   Shelby County, Ohio 

TERRAIN:    Wooded 

OBSERVED:    I went fishing that morning alone that's very unusual for me because my oldest son never missed a chance to go fishing.  I arrived just after day brake went to my usual spot and began fishing.  I didn't have any luck that morning. i remember it beginning to warm up the sun was up and the skies were clear. I was getting board quick so i decide to settle under the bridge on the rocks and try casting up river. After a couple of casts i just began to day dream basically looking up river and that's when i saw him. He was roughly 100 to 150 yrds up the river standing on the other side out on the edge of the river in a very shallow area and just looking right back at me .As if he had been watching me. Kind of like deer hunting ,you know the next thing you see is white tails running away from you only this guy didn't run.  I watched him for just a few seconds before he started to move towards the road. I guess he lost interest in me the more i stood there and stared. He had to be around 7'-8' tall covered head to toe with dark hair. After realizing what i was looking at i started to think. Why would someone be dressed that warm in the middle of june? You know like my mind wouldn't accept what i just saw I remember I could see the out line of his body mainly dark and the hair was jagged, big shoulders, long arms, and as he turned toward the road i could see two legs as he stepped into the tree line. Then a car was coming down the road.  I could hear it and he hard it too. All the while I'm getting my fishing stuff together and keeping an eye on the bigfoot.  He took one more step into the tree line stopped i could still see his upper body and one leg from the knee down the car went by i looked at the car and looked back and never seen him again.  I made my way up to the top side of the bridge ran across the bridge carrying all of my fishing gear determined to find this thing i thought i saw .jumped in the truck slowly rolled up on the spot i last seen the bigfoot I guess to be honest i was a little to freaked out to get out of the truck at that time. I did go back 2 days later. I looked for tracks, Hair, anything freshly broken.  Came up with nothing. 

Activities of Witness:   I was fishing at the time of the sighting. 

Description of Creature:  Tall 7' to 8' in height, Covered in long dark hair, very muscular around the neck, shoulders, and the back.  Long arms, and thick legs.  If i took a guess at how much it weighed. Maybe as much as 400 lbs.

Other Notes:    N/A

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    I've heard some about a sighting years ago.  But i haven't went any further .I have only told my wife and kids this store and my wife had to really push to get me to talk because i still couldn't accept what i had seen and i was thinking no one will believe it. But I Do.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments N/A

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