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DATE:    May 4, 2006 

TIME:     5 or 6 pm 

LOCATION:   Kemper County, Mississippi 

TERRAIN:    Wooded 

OBSERVED:    My cousin and I were fishing at this lake called Lake Missouri when my cousin noticed something in the water on the other side of the lake.  He explained it to look like a whale's side fin raising up and splashing down in a violent manner.  I heard the splash, but I figured it was a fish or something jumping in the water.  So i scanned the lake for about 10 to 15 minutes, when i noticed an extremely large black fin, curving backwards and wide in size, raise out of the water in an upward motion, and splashing down causing a panic over the water.  The fin looked like a thick, shiny black leather, coming to curving point facing  the rear of the creature.  After I witnessed that splash, before I could even comment on it, the creature did it again.  After the second sighting by myself, the third by my cousin, we noticed a large head emerge from the water, attached to a snake like neck.  the head was at least 5 to 6 feet long.  The creature then splashed his head down into the water, raised his head and tail at the same time, and splashed again.  From head to tail, the creature seemed to be the size of two 18 wheelers.  We watched in amazement.  After about 10 minutes, we sighted the creature again, this time he was moving along the top of the water like a snake.  As I watched him move toward us, my cousin observed another creature just like the first one, smaller in size, moving toward us from a different direction.  We quickly gathered our fishing equipment, and moved to the top of the hill away from the water.  As we reached the top of the hill, the creature once again raised his head and splashed it down into the water.  This time, when he raised his head, it looked as if he was looking at us.  After the splash of the head, he disappeared into the middle of the lake.  We went back to the lake with my nephew about a month later, and we all witnessed the same thing.  The creature splashed his fins violently in the water, and then head toward us in a swift manner.  We once again gathered our gear and ran to the top of the hill.  We haven't been back to the lake since.

Activities of Witness:   We were fishing and relaxing when the sighting occurred. 

Description of Creature:  From head to toe, it was the size of about two 18 wheelers.  It had a snake like neck and tail.  Just below the neck, maybe close to the middle of the body on the side was a fin.  The fin was a thick, black leather looking fin, that came up to a point and curved towards the rear of the creature.  As it got closer, we noticed it had 2 fins, one on both sides.  The body was a huge, immense shadow in the water.  The head was at least 7 feet long, and shaped like snake head, with black eyes on the side.   

Other Notes:    I noticed that on the other side of the lake are cows.  As long as we have fished there, the cows never come down to the water to drink, despite the scorching heat.  The stay at the top of the hill, and watch the lake as if they are waiting for something to happen.  We also found the remains of an alligator, about 5 feet in length ripped into 3 pieces and basically torn inside out at the edge of the bank. 

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    We noticed it twice.  We asked about 10 different people in Kemper County about it, and they either witnessed it, or someone they know has witnessed the creature.

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