2005 - Unusual Creatures Seen Crossing Road

January 10, 1996 - While on Nature Walk, Woman Encounters a Yowie

12-18-70 - 3 girls see creature while walking on a path to the beach

8-14-01 - Yowie Report

September 1990 - Eudlo, Queensland

September 25, 2000 - Kilcoy Qld. Australia

July 1979--Australia, Brisbane Queensland, Mt.  Nebo Road, Upper Enogerra Creek

November 1999--Queensland Australia Twin lakes Rd. Off Hwy. 4 behind american building

December 1997--Glass house Mountains, Queensland.

1980--Barron Gorge, Cairns is in QLD

1970-71--Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

July 1997--Gold Coast area in South East Queensland.

June 2005 -- Horse rider encounters a Yowie